Looking for Tullochs

The Trigger for this research:
Dear sir or ma’am,
My grandmother used to own a cottage on Hay Island and when my father died a few years ago I received a few old photo albums. I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to a Robert Tulloch who used to be a resident in Gananoque during the 40s.

This was a relatively easy and yet interesting research project. Robert Tulloch lived in Gananoque all his life, he was born here and died here. His parents William and Sarah with his sister Mary immigrated from Orkney, Scotland on the ship “Victoria”. They arrived in New York City, April 30, 1873. By 1875 when a second daughter Annie was added to the family they were living in Hamilton. A son, also born in Hamilton lived only 9 days. He was named Robert. Isabella the third daughter was born next. I haven’t been able to find any information on that birth. I have to wonder if it was because the family were making their way from Hamilton to Gananoque.  The second son of William and Sarah named Robert was born in Gananoque, June 12, 1879.

In 1871 William was a farmer/fisherman in Orkney, Scotland.  He was living with his wife Sarah and daughter Mary in his brother in-law’s home. There were 11 people in the household. No wonder they decided to head for America. Interestingly living in Orkney at the time there is a second William and Sarah Tulloch with a daughter Mary.  All their birthdays close enough to be a match for Robert’s family. I eventually found a way to sort out who was who. Robert’s mother’s maiden name was Thompson and the other Sarah’s maiden name was Muir. The second family remained in Scotland.

William certainly found employment in Gananoque readily. It was work as a labourer in a factory however and at that time Knights of Labour an early labour union were active, especially in Gananoque. That made things both better and hard for those working in factories. William was still working at 60, the census that year lists him as a shovel handler. I can’t decide if that means he was handling them or putting handles on them. William Tulloch died in September of 1905 at the age of 63. Sarah lived 7 years longer than her husband William. As far as I can tell she never worked except the jobs of raising her children and running her home.

Mary born in Scotland, worked as a milliner in Gananoque. She was the only one of the siblings who married. By 1901 she was Mrs Joseph Goulet and living in Syracuse, New York with 2 children.

Isabella is the mystery in the family, no clear date or location for her birth, she dies at age 22. There is no record of is she ever worked. The only piece of information about her is she was living on Elm Street when she died. This likely means the whole family was living on Elm Street.

Annie born in Hamilton, worked as a milliners assistant when her sister Mary still lived at home. After that she was a domestic for 10+ years and then returned to working as milliner. After her mother Sarah dies, Annie no longer worked. Annie never married and lived with family all her life.

Robert was born and grew up in Gananoque, likely living on Elm Street. By the age of 21 Robert was working likely already as a clerk at Bennetts Hardware. He lived with his family who moved to a home at 5 Princess Street after Mary left home and Isabelle died. The family got smaller when his father died, and then his mother. Finally after the death of his sister Annie he was living alone. There is no longer a building with the street address of 5 Princess. Robert retired at about 60, lived to be 78, dying August 29, 1957.

A search for Tullochs in Gananoque turned up only 6 people. The members of Robert’s family.

This picture likely includes Robert Tulloch.
This picture likely includes Robert Tulloch.

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