Interesting Women who lived in Gananoque.

I’m starting to get quite an extensive list of “interesting women who lived in Gananoque”. This Fall, I’m going to focus on some I already have done research on and see how complete a picture I can get of them. It should be an interesting journey that produces lots to write about.

Eliza Maria Harvey Jones, my first interesting woman turned up while I was researching the building that houses Laverne’s Eatery (21 King St East).

Elizabeth Barnett Fairman, was next to catch my interest when she was the subject of an article by Lorraine Payette in Living Here Magazine.

Agnes Maule Machar, was bound to hit this list. Wayne Lowrie says of her in a 2015 article, “a Victorian-era feminist, environmentalist and social activist with strong ties to Gananoque, has been named a person of national historic interest by the federal government.”

Then there’s all the women who turned up in the life of our town founder, Joel Stone, while I was researching Gananoque’s founding:
Abigail Cogswell Dayton Stone – his second wife.
Abiah Dayton Mallory – his step-daughter.
Henrietta Mallory McDonald – his step-granddaughter.
Jane Haggerman Bissonette – his housekeeper, and more?

Annie Beattie Keating, caught my interest when I was researching the history of one of Joel Stone’s houses, taken down and rebuilt on Garden Street in 1850.

Anne Brophy Sheils, caught my interest while researching history of the building that houses the Gananoque and 1000 Island Visitor Centre. (10 King Street East).



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